Just a few weekends 'til Real Life

I was doing some thinking today. That's always a dangerous thing I was realizing I have quite a bit on my calendar coming up, and coming very fast. I listed it all out during my Operating Systems class, and realized, I have my schedule made up essentially until I've got a new job, home, and husband. My list of consecutive weekends (the naming scheme reminescent of Friends):

The Weekend Where We Celebrated a Birthday, Visited with Family, and Went to a Movie (last weekend)
The Weekend Where I Hang Out With Ashley (next weekend)
The Weekend Where my Spring Break Starts
The Weekend Where my Spring Break Ends
The Weekend With a Meeting, a Project, and a Birthday
The Weekend Where I'm Home for Easter
The Weekend Where I Have a Bridal Shower
The Weekend Where Josh Studies for Finals
The Weekend Where Josh Graduates
The Weekend Where Life Comes Together
The Weekend Where I Graduate
The Weekend Where We Move
The Weekend Where There is a Wedding
Beyond the wedding, well, beyond the honeymoon begins The Part Where Real Life Hits, Complete with a New Job, New Home, and New Husband. That's the really exciting part.

I think perhaps I will fill this page in later with blogs corresponding to each weekend, with a corresponding title. Note: there is no "The Weekend Where Joanna has Free Time"

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