The Weekend Where We Celebrated a Birthday, Visited with Family, and Went to a Movie

The weekend started Friday early afternoon, when Josh & I headed to downtown Indy to meet 9 other members of his family for a birthday celebration for his brother at Buca Di Beppo. Great fun. Good food. Crowded city- a big basketball tournament and seemingly bigger volleyball tournament was happening downtown. The streets and the mall were full of large groups of very tall, athletic high school girls.

Saturday, we visited with Josh's family then went to Carmel to visit with my family. We went to church with them, then to a little restaurant, Angie's Cafe, on Hazel Dell. On the menu, the spinach dip sandwich caught my eye and I tried it. Although I had never thought to put spinach dip on a sandwich, I'm glad somebody did, because it was delicious.

Sunday, Josh & I worked on compiling addresses for wedding invitations. This was a bigger job than we anticipated, but we got through it. I managed to not screw up the grilled cheese sandwiches I made for lunch or the crockpot meal for dinner. That was exciting.

We go to movie a total of approximately two times a year Last year was Narnia & Hitchhikers Guide. There were probably more, but, really, it's not often we go to the theater. Well, Sunday we, on a whim, decided to go to Firewall. Harrison Ford movies are always fun. This one was somewhat of a Swordfish without all the fast cars and sex: A criminal ringleader with a brilliant plan kidnaps a computer wiz's family so that the programmer will help hack a bank and steal millions of dollars. Beyond that premise, however, Firewall didn't feel like Swordfish (and this is a good thing because, while I like the premise and technology in the movie, all the naked women annoy me). The main character, Jack, a bank IT security executive, is a devoted husband and father whose motivation is to get his family out of the mess safely, regardless of what happens with his job or himself. The plot is this: Jack is to use his permissions on the bank's network to get the account numbers of the bank's top customers. He then runs a computer program written by the bad guys on a wire transfer terminal to take $10,000 from each of those accounts and deposit it into an offshore account. The plot is simple and somewhat plausible.
It's a Harrison Ford movie, so there was suspense, violence, and an explosion or two. That part was great. The disappointing part was the ending, where it... ended. Yes, it's a happy ending, but, there's not a conclusion, per se.
Good movie.
Lousy ending.
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