Happy things

Although the weather has been dreary and rainy, good things have happened too. Here's my Happy Things list for the last couple days.
  • Yesterday at work, I got a 19-monitor on my desk to replace the less-than-19-inch monitor I had. I like it. I set this Firefox Sketch as my background. I'm a fan.

  • This morning, I woke up and heard birds singing. With that and the warmer weather, it makes me hope spring is soon. I love spring.

  • I just got ISD grading done that had been hanging over my head all week, and solved a problem at work I had been stuck on for more than a week. I love accomplishing things.

  • Josh's older brother is having a birthday party at Buca di Beppo downtown tonight. Yummy.

  • Wednesday, Josh & I went for our last premarital counseling time, then to dinner with our friend Dave. On our drive home, we debriefed from the time talking to our pastor, and had a really good conversation.

  • I had a leisurely night last night because I've been very responsible in getting everything done. I managed to apply for a couple jobs, read more in my current pleasure-reading book I picked up at the Lebanon library book sale this summer, and do one of Melissa's new yoga videos. This one focused on flexibility and I discovered that I cannot currently do a backbend. Perhaps with practice.

  • I made plans to go to Westminster Village (an assisted living community) with Amber and her dogs next week. I like going with them, talking to people & such. I think I miss having a ministry, and this is one [little] thing I can do.

  • 85 days.

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