The Weekend Where I Have a Bridal Shower

This weekend began with driving. I picked my friend Megan up after my last class and drove to Muncie, where we met Josh and drove to Lebanon. There, we dropped off Megan and picked up Josh's mom, and promptly took off to South Bend, where a car thta Josh's brother bought was sitting. We there, stopping only for dinner, and Josh's mom drove Josh's car back and we drove his brother's new car. Now, I say 'new car', but what I mean is 'newly-purchased car'. The car was actually an '84 Chevette (not so different from the bottom car pictured here) in nice condition, considering it was as old as I am. The downside to our 3-hour trip home in the car was the fact that it had no muffler. It was a loud trip home, to say the least. But we made it. I particularly felt bad driving back and going by houses- we didn't get home till 1 in the morning, and I imagine it's possible we woke a few people up.

Saturday was the fun, social day. The day started with a baby shower and brunch for my future sister-in-law, who is having her second son in a few weeks. The brunch was delicious, including an icy-coffee drink that was like something from Starbucks and a 'fruit pizza,' a sugar cookie 'crust' topped with a sweet cream-cheese sauce and fruit slices. About half the party then headed from one shower to another- mine! A bridal shower rather than a baby shower this time, though, sorry to disappoint. ;-)

The bridal shower was lovely. My sister did a great job planning games for all. My favorite was when the guests broke up into groups and cut pictures out of magazines to represent what Josh & my life would be like. They came up with great stuff! The best part about the party, however, was just having everyone together- my family, Josh's family, and friends. The gifts were great too- each guest was given a time of day, and told to get me a gift that I could use at that time. Very fun.

Saturday night, Josh & I went to my house, then to church Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, Josh took pictures for an History department event and I ran errands. We did get news Sunday: no Greenfield job for Josh. And the job search continues. Sigh.

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