The Weekend Where I'm Home for Easter

The weekend started early and finished late- my favorite kind. It actually started at about 1:00 Thursday and went until Monday at 3:30 when I went into work for a little bit. Nice. Thursday night involved going to the Ball State Stormchase club's 'Stormfest' - one of the las meetings of the year where there is ample food and they watch videos of tornados. Mad excitement. Actually, it was fun. I think I've been to more Stormchaser events than some of the actual team members. Awesome.
Friday was Good Friday, obviously. I actually didn't go to a Good Friday service, but instead hung out with Josh. We took it easy because he had a really busy week. The highlight of the day: It had been raining most the evening, but for little bit, the rain stopped. Josh & I were doing our Bible study, and for some reason I got distracted & mentioned that it looked sunny outside. Josh said "There might be a rainbow." I rush to the window and, lo and behold, there was. I go out to the living room, announce to Dave's party that there was a rainbow outside then rushed outside to take pictures. (That picture is two photos pieced together. I do not claim to have Photoshop skills) If you look closely, you can see the double rainbow that was there. Someone at Dave's party (somewhat sarcastically) remarked "A rainbow is God's way of reminding us of his promise to never flood the earth again" I was happy to see the rainbow, not as a reminder of God never punishing humanity by flood again, but instead a reminder of the promise of Good Friday- the promise that God's punishment was poured out on Jesus and not on us, so we can have forgiveness and redemption. The promise of Good Friday is also the promise of the hope of Easter- death is conquered.

Saturday was busy. Saturday morning involved primarily cleaning the apartment, because Josh's friends were coming later and we wanted it presentable. It was Josh's best man & his girlfriend that were coming- we planned on going out to lunch with them then going to Castleton to have him try on his suit for the wedding & get it fitted. After Castleton, we were going to drive back to Muncie to drop them off, then head back to Carmel for dinner with my family and church at Grace. All went as planned, we had a good visit with Josh's friends, and we got home to Carmel with time to spare. Hooray.

Something mentioned during the Grace service I hadn't thought about, in these terms: We're all going to have our own Easter someday. There will be a day where we, too, like Jesus, resurrect. 1 Corinthians 15:20 (The Message) says "But the truth is that Christ has been raised up, the first in a long legacy of those who are going to leave the cemeteries." Easter was yesterday, and I've celebrated it every year, and will every year to come, but I've got my very own Easter coming. That's one of the hopes Easter offers us. After church, Josh worked on a paper and I watched part of Narnia till we were too tired.

Sunday was a comparably busy day, but just as good. We left Carmel for Lebanon for brunch at Josh's family's church then went to the service after brunch. Josh's brother did a good job playing the trumpet a few times during the service, and the whoel service was nice. We had lunch at Josh's parents' house and hung out for a bit. All week, the NWS had been talking about how Sunday was going to have storms, possibly worse than Friday's. Josh, of course, kept up on the status of the weather, and saw on radar that there was a isolated supercell a little bit north of us, in front of a larger line. Because isolated cells are way more fun, and easier, to chase than lines, we jumped at the opportunity. Josh's brother came along as well. There wasn't much on the SkyWarn net for the county, so we had to go off the radar we saw before we left and what we saw in the sky currently. Luckily, that strategy worked out, and we caught the storm. I knew what a wall cloud was from the storm spotting classes I went to, and had seen video from Josh's trip of a rotating wall cloud, but had never been able to put my learning into practice. This storm, however, was the most textbook storm I had seen. Very nice. And I got pictures! Here is an early picture- We're south of the storm, the gray area under the cloud to the right is the "rain core", the lowering in the cloud to the left is the wall cloud. If a tornado was to form, it would be from the wall cloud's rotation. Here's my favorite picture- of Josh pointing & talking to Mitch about the wall cloud, with his chase-ready car. Note the SkyWarn & Storm Chase Team stickers & the ham radio antenna. He's ready. I've got a couple more pictures of the wall cloud structure. And, then, a street sign that made me laugh. A highlight of the chase: When we decided to head home for dinner, we saw more chasers! One was on the same road we had just left stopped taking pictures, another was one road down also taking pictures, and a chase van passed us heading toward the storm. We were happy that not only were we on the right track chasing, but taht we had beaten all the other chasers to the spot.

Sigh. Good weekend. Josh had an interview in Greenfield, IN today that he felt went well. Hooray. I had an interview with a Denver company Thursday that I felt went well too, so we'll see what comes of all of this. We've got to end up somewhere, right?
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Ashley said...

That's so cool... I was thinking of you and Josh when some storms hit here. :-) Not as interesting as the midwest, though, I'm sure. Hehe :-) I think it's so cool that you two can do that together! It's fun to hear you talking about it.

I'm glad your Denver interview went well! Keep us posted. :-)


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