The Weekend Where my Spring Break Starts

It is Tuesday, so this is a little late coming, but I've also not had time to sit and rest (or sit and write a blog, for that matter.)
Friday was quiet school-wise- my afternoon class was cancelled, so I went to my apartment early, waiting for the much-anticipated phone call from Seattle. he interview went just alright. We'll see what happens with that. After the call, Josh came and whisked me away on a date. We vegged all evening, watched a movie & such. Saturday morning we left early for Indy, where we ordered a suit for the best man and then took his parents out to lunch at Steak 'n Shake for his mom's birthday. We hung out in Lebanon the rest of teh weekend, and did fondue at Josh's family's house for dinner. It was very fun. My favorite: strawberries in the chocolate marshmallow dip. Mushrooms cooked in the oil were a close second. Yummy.
We went to Josh's church Sunday morning. Everytime I go there, I picture the sanctuary two months from now, with tulle bows on the pews, me standing at the front with Josh, my friends in their green dresses, the guys in their suits, and the pews filled with lots of friendly faces. Anyway, the service was good Sunday, and, afterwards, we headed to Pizza Hut with Josh's family & Josh's brother's family. The afternoon's project was to build a shelf for Josh's ham radio in his car, and get it hooked up and working. I didn't contribute to the project at all, but thought it was pretty cool when it was done.
Sunday dinner we did with my family, then I headed to Upland to get my car and go home for Spring Break. When I got home, Millie, my dog, greeted me, and I was happy to see that she was feeling much better- apparently she was battling E. coli, but seems better now. While she was sick, her coat got all thin and dry, among other symptoms. Just petting her, I could tell she must be feeling better- her coat was thicker and healthier-feeling. That was happy.

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