The Weekend Where my Spring Break Ends

This weekend was great. Lots of fun things happened. I had good times with Josh. We had adventures and romance. What more could a girl ask for?

Friday started with breakfast with my mom, then I headed to Muncie for lunch with Josh at the Chinese restaurant near his work. As I was walking back with him to work, he asked, "Do you have any experience with 'Microsoft Sharepoint'?" I said "Yeah, I installed the server at school" "Really? Good. The lady I work with is having trouble with it, and I had never heard of Sharepoint."
Awesome. I got to play consultant for the next little while, helping her get an image to appear on the department's Sharepoint front page. I felt triumphant when I left, because I was able to help someone with what I was good at. Yay.
I then hung around Muncie till Josh was done with classes, when he called me and said to come quick, because the stormchase team was activating and going to take off in 45 minutes after the storms headed toward Muncie. Josh was excited to play with his new ham radio. More on that later. We headed out with a couple other meteorology majors, got as far as Kokomo, saw a storm, decided we weren't going to catch anything, and headed back to Muncie. The storms were moving really fast. Over dinner at Fazolis, the brunt of the storms hit Muncie, & Josh & I decided to go out again, even though it was dark. We got a ways east of Muncie, past Farmland, in the middle of farms, and stopped for a bit. Watching the lightning, listening to the heavy rain and wind hit the car was awesome. Relaxing, actually. We then turned around and headed back.

During the day Saturday I made Josh watch Driving Miss Daisy with me, mostly because I wanted him to understand Southern culture a bit better. It does a really good job of putting the characters and events in social, cultural, and time-period context. The acting is superb as well. Saturday was Date Night. We had planned since Monday to go on a Date Saturday- not just go Out To Dinner, which we do all the time, in jeans and t-shirts, but to go on a Date, complete with me in a dress (Somehow I got into a size 8!) and him in a nice collared shirt. Wow. We went to Mama Carolla's- a little Italian restaurant in Indianapolis highly recommended by everyone I know who has been there. It stays that way. It was fabulous- the atmosphere was great, and my dish was good, and Josh's lasagna was delicious. After dinner, we headed to the Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream place where you can essentially make your own flavors of ice cream, by choosing a base flavor then choosing one or more 'mix-ins', like coconut, Oreos, marshmallows, or chocolate chips. I had cinnamon ice cream with graham cracker pie crust pieces mixed in. Josh had Oreo cookies mixed into his ice cream. I was pleased. It was yummy.

Sunday started oddly. We showed up at church right at (what we thought was) 9 am for the 9:00 service. Josh got out of bed too abruptly and isn't as much a morning person as I, so we stopped by the church cafe (in a different building than the sanctuary) for a chai to share. I then realized, we had a chai, we can't go in the service, which is starting right now. I asked the man at the coffee counter if they still broadcast the service in this building (the youth building, where the cafe is). He said the broadcast the second (10:30) service in this building, and if we get there early, we could get seats on the couch. That statement somewhat confused me, because, had we gone to sit down then, it would be really early, so instead, I went to sit down with Josh at the cafe table. He made a comment about how we needed o drink the chai quickly so we wouldn't be any later for church. Then it dawned on me. It wasn't 9:00. It was 10:00. First service is almost over and second service starts in just half an hour. Josh went to ask the lady in the bookstore for the time. I was right. Well, that meant we weren't going to be late for church or going to have to chug our chai. Sigh. Indiana makes things so difficult. Maybe I'll move back to Hawaii.

On our way back from church, I had the idea that we go see a dollar movie later. We ended up going after dinner to see Curious George- an entirely delightful movie that kept to the spirit of the books very closely. I liked it very much. I also appreciated the wholesomeness of it- unlike many recent children's movies, it didn't have suggestive, 'adult' jokes or innuendos. It was purely a movie for children: colorful, simple, not scary, but happy and loving. It made me smile.

There were more storms Sunday night. We went & drove around for a bit in those as well. We saw some storm damage- branches, twigs, and half a tree down, a stop sign bent. The lightning was impressive.

And the weekend ended. It was great. I appreciated the rest I got between adventures. Who knows where my feet will be swept off to next?

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