The Weekend Where Josh Graduates

What a wonderful weekend! Josh is officially done with 17 years of schooling, and I've only got a week of classes and a week of finals to go. I was thinking this morning:
Of my courses in progress:
  • Senior Seminar: DONE

  • Operations Research: One assignment and a final to go

  • Operating Systems: One project (mostly done) and a final to go

  • Human Relations in Organizations: One project (mostly done), a group paper, and a final to go

  • Software Engineering Project: essentially, DONE
The weekend: Friday, I took Josh out to eat at Olive Garden as a celebration for finishing college. We came across the movie Robots on TV, which we had gone to see in the dollar theater when it was there. It's a fun movie. We watched the rest of it.
Saturday was the Big Day. I decided dressing up a (little) bit was a good idea for the ceremonies, so I wore khakis and a sleeveless blouse. Now, it was a beautiful, sunny day all day Saturday... with a temperature of like 52. I was pretty cold AND managed to get a little sunburned. The first ceremony was nice. We didn't have the best seats, but that was OK, we could hear everything and see the podium. The commencement speaker was good. My favorite quote of the morning was by University president Jo Ann Gora: "Man has reached the heights of Everest, the depths of the sea, and the far reaches of Spain. Wait, I mean SPACE. ...for many of us this has been a long four years."
For the ceremony for Josh's college, we met up with my parents, who graciously came, and proceeded to listen to all the graduates names read. The plan afterwards was a picnic lunch with my parents, but they had to get home, and we got stuck in the mad rush to get out of the parking lot, so I just ate with Josh's family.
Later on Saturday, I got a nap. When I got up, Josh was watching a movie on TV- Father of the Bride. It was really hitting home, even though it was supposed to be funny... I cried. It had something to do with the fater and daughter playing basketball, I think.
Sunday was church and life planning and lots of talking. I'm discovering this life-planning stuff's hard. There's lots of good answers, some better than others, but none Right.

I want to say more, but that's the weekend, and I'm very sleepy. I'll say more later.
The End Is Near.

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