The Weekend Where I Graduate

I've been really bad about blogging lately. I apologize. I attribute this partly to the fact I have been in front of a computer less- not being home or in the dungeon for any significant amount of time. I also attribute it to the whirlwind-rate stuff's been happening in life.

Notes from last week that haven't been mentioned yet: I threw a surprise bridal shower Tuesday for my friend getting married in July. I went wedding- and bridesmaid-dress shopping Thursday with the same friend and we were successful. She's going to have a simple wedding, but I think its going to turn out nicely. The dresses are very pretty, anyway :)

This weekend, I graduated. Graduation rehearsal was unexciting, except when I got there early and got to see my friend who had been in the hospital just a few weeks ago having heart surgery and gave her a (gentle!) hug. Graduation was nice, albeit hot. I wore ample sunscreen and avoided a sunburn. Josh got sunburned on the back of his neck pretty bad. I was excited to find out a few days before graduation our commencement speaker was the highest-ranking Taylor grad in government, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Stephen L. Johnson. He had a good speech. He didn't talk too much about environmental protection, but that was OK. Much effort was put into balancing 'celebration and remembrance' at the ceremony. Posthumous degrees were given to 3 of the students that died in the car crash a few weeks ago. A degree was also awarded to the student who is still in the hospital from the crash, currently coming out of a coma.

Not only did my parents, Josh, and Josh's parents come to see me graduate, when I finally found my cheering section in the crowd, I saw that Matt was sitting with them. He got some good pictures. His girlfriend Alisse was taking pictures of me as well, as I walked to the stage to get my diploma. I haven't seen those yet.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday, Josh was sick. I helped him pack up his apartment, then he came and helped me pack my apartment Monday. Today, I'm going to finish packing a few things, then head to Josh's apartment. We're going to load both our Civics full of Josh's stuff then head to Carmel Wednesday to get the key to our new apartment! Yay. I'm so excited to set up a home and settle and have a place of our own. 1.1 miles from where I work. Across the street from Meijer. Spacious and affordable.

Oh, if anyone in the area isn't doing anything Saturday and would like to help us move in, we'd be delighted.

I leave you with Alisse, Matt, me & Josh at graduation:

and our Civics in the same order :)


Caroline elise said...

Yay for you finally graduating!!!

ps.. your hair is so long ... geez!!!

Love you see you this weekend!!!

Alisse said...

this is a wonderful photo! i will send you those grad photos when i am at taylor on thursday... i will remember :) you are getting married in less than 5 days!


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