The Weekend With a Meeting, a Project, and a Birthday

Busy weekend. Not as crazy as I had originally anticipated, but still full. The weekend started when Josh and I drove separately to my church, in the midst of severe storm warnings, to meet with the pastor who is officiating our wedding about details like who walks down the aisle when, and what words we're going to say. Josh made the observation during the meeting that "it feels like this is really happening" as we plan the ceremony details. Crazy.

After the meeting, Josh & I went to my house and then to dinner with my parents and sister, who was also home for the evening. After the excitement of Macaroni Grille and then searching the web for a wedding cake topper, we took it easy and watched Toy Story before bed. You can't beat Toy Story, seriously. It's a classic.

Saturday started early- it had to. My parents' house was being roofed, and there was no sense trying to sleep while a crew of men were walking on the roof. After a quick trip to the bank, Josh & I parted ways until later that afternoon. I had a service project to do with my senior seminar group in downtown Indianapolis. Now, I had an idea of what we were doing- we were going to help out an organization called Virtual Scavengers that prepares and gives donated computers to non-profit organizations- but I didn't know where it was, exactly. Based on the directions, I knew I wouldn't want to be sitting in a parking lot alone in a fairly new car because I was early to the event, so I did something very out of character for me and showed up seven minutes late. Luckily, I was OK, I didn't miss anything, and the rest of my group was already there.

I think I'll do another blog post on this experience because it was interesting, and I have lots of thoughts I want to organize about it. I'll summarize to say, it was neat to see the goals of this organization- to provide not only working computers to nonprofits, but job skills and training to unemployed or underemployed people, who can volunteer there, learn to use a computer, and earn their very own computer. I witnessed it and thought it was pretty neat.

Well, I got out of there later than I expected, so I missed almost the whole of Josh's grandmother's 80th birthday. That was OK, because although that party was over, most the family was going to another family members house to stay later and hang out. Between the two parties, I finished out my roll of film I had started a week earlier- mostly on pictures of kids, but I did get a couple pictures of a miniature daschund retrieving a tennis ball- the ball was not much smaller than the dog was tall, so it was comical.

Sunday morning, we went to Grace's Sojourn service, and I enjoyed it very much. I can really worship there. I appreciate it. We grabbed lunch with my parents, then headed to Muncie, where we finally rested a little bit. Not too much, though- I went to get my pictures developed, and we listened to a CD of wedding music, trying to pick out our ceremony music. We bought Penny Rodriguez' wedding piano solo collection while at Grace.

This week (hopefully) won't hold too much excitement. I've not got classes Thursday or Friday, which will be a nice break.

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