The Weekend Where I Hang Out With Ashley

The original title of this post was to be "The Weekend Where I Work on my Human Relations Project and Hang Out With Ashley," but Kristen got me out of working on the project. Hooray. She did lots more this weekend, but I'm getting to that.
Friday was delightful- At 5:00, Ashley, Alisse, Zay, & I headed toward Muncie to meet the boys (Matt & Josh) at White River Landing for dinner. It was fun and delicious, as always, especially with the great comanpy. We then went back to Matt's apartment and played Fluxx for quite a while. When we tired of that, we split up to crash a couple parties- Josh & I went to David's get-together at his apartment, and the rest of the group went to Isaac's house. We played Apples to Apples with a very large group and it was good fun. I won :) The girls then showed up and we headed back to Upland, just in time to avoid getting towed.

Saturday was decidedly more lazy than usual for me. I didn't do much of anything until 1:30 when I went out for coffee (chai) in Marion with Ashley. We spent soem time at Tree of Life, then headed back to my apartment, only to find... a party! For me!

I have amazing friends. It was a small get-together, consisting of Kristen, Melissa, Alisse and Ashley, and it was great fun. The bridal shower plans had apparently been in the works for a long while, and they sure went all-out for the party! The living room was decorated with green & white streamers, with green and white balloons strewn about. Cut-outs of hearts and cupids were all over the walls, and plates of vegetables and finger sandwiches were laid out. It was wonderful. We played Scrabble, my favorite, with marriage-related words counting double. Our final board is below: How many wedding words can YOU find?
(Perhaps we cheated and added a few after we got tired of playing. 'Matrimony' is a few too many letters to actually occur in gameplay)
We opened presents and Alisse & Matt got me a teapot, and Melissa got me a couple candles and that's all the gifts we're going to mention here.

Here's a picture of all the lovely ladies that came and made my Saturday delightful:

The rest of Saturday consisted of going to dinner with Josh and watching Twister. I threatened Josh that he was going to have to write the thank-you notes for the unmentioned gifts- they're more for him than me...

Sunday was lazy. Not much to talk about. Today I have an interview with a company in Atlanta. The Microsoft interview got pushed back a few days.

I just want to know where I will be living in 2 1/2 months. That's all.

OK, gotta go work on a project.

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Ashley said...

You didn't say anything about MY gift. And I don't think I would like a thank-you note from Josh. That's a little TMI for me. :-)


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