A friend on twitter mentioned she had caught some of the clues I had been dropping. I didn't think anyone would pick up on them, but I couldn't help myself! Here's a list of the very subtle hints I mentioned online. Were you paying attention?
  • I talked about drinking more water. While this is good for my health in general, I was mostly doing it because it's really necessary in pregnancy.
  • In my post Growing Things, I mentioned I was tired and ended the post with "I'm looking forward to seeing what will be growing this summer!" I wasn't speaking of the vegetables...
  • In the post Real Life, Savored, the house was a mess because I've been too tired to clean (though, a friend thought I needed an intervention), and I talked more about growing things and being surrounded by life. because that's how I was feeling- a life was growing in the midst of the mess I didn't have the energy to take care of.
  • That big weekend? I specifically mentioned planning to see a bunch of family members in person- because that was the big weekend we broke the news! We were going to Oshkosh for the wedding, where we picked up (of course) some Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls!
  • The anniversary post was the most obvious, really. The next 4 years is a "new stage", a "new adventure", "will be totally different than how it is now"...
  • Also, as Alisse pointed out - "you kept tweeting about being tired and you NEVER EVER EVER do that!"

Anyone else pick up the clues?

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