So many mamas!

So many blogging families are expecting! Here's a list I've come up with:

Stacy - October
Jes - December
Kacie - December
Karen - December
Susan - October
Jenny - December
Jessie - December
Amy - September
Operation Mommyhood - February
Erin - August
Jennifer  - Pretty much Now.
Andrea - Adopting later this summer/fall
Alissa - January
Matt O's wife - November
James' wife - January
Tyson's wife - January
Gun's wife - February

I'm looking forward to watching all these pregnancies & new babies as I experience the same things & follow them either in "real life" or through their blogs. A few of these friends are local, and I hope to see them as we're going through some of the same ups and downs and excitements of pregnancy. And, hey, this is a pretty good playdate list for a couple years from now!

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Stacy said...

Haha! I have a similar draft of a blog post written up as we speak! :)


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