Congrats, Aaron & Heidi!

From Aaron & Heidi Wedding
This was our first (and only?) wedding of the year. As our friends get older, most are already married, and baby showers are replacing wedding showers in frequency. Aaron is one of Josh's cousins, and we trekked to Oshkosh to celebrate with him and his glowing bride Heidi.

My favorite part of the ceremony was when the priest began to give the homily. Most weddings include a short sermon, and, while the bride and groom are being addressed most of the time, the sermon is only vaguely directed at them, with wider lessons and sometimes even a gospel presentation for the attendees. Aaron and Heidi were seated toward the back of the stage, and the priest unfolded a folding chair, and sat facing them, his back to the pews. He spoke to them directly- it was almost as if we were sitting in on the last session of premarital counseling rather than being preached at. I loved it, because the focus of the message was obviously to build into and support the couple- the whole point of all the friends and family being at the ceremony in the first place.

The rest of the wedding and reception was beautiful, too- check out the rest of the pictures:

After the wedding, we swung by Chicago & hung out with my sister and had a delightful time. Of course we visited Millennium Park, because, what better free activity is there to do in downtown Chicago?

I saw the coolest bike rack ever.

Also, they bought us frozen yogurt/kefir. Yum.

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