Resolution Recap

How'd I do, from last year's list? Let's see.

1. Knit More: I knitted more in 2007 than I did in 2006, since I only knew how to knit for about a month of 2006. That said, I didn't knit ALOT, just more.

2. Read my Christmas books before next Christmas: Check.

3. Make good use of the recent gifts of cookbooks: VERY check. I've loved cooking this year, and even more in the last couple months in my new kitchen. This year, I even started a food blog.

4. Get back into yoga or bike-riding or some kind of exercise: Eh. Didn't do yoga at all. Walked or rode my bike to work over the summer 60% or more of the time, and this was great exercise. Unfortunately, we just moved further away, and this won't be possible anymore.

Bonus recap, from last January:


Marie said...

I am confused about why you would vote for Obama. Most Christians don't support him for many reasons, among which are his support for abortion, even to the point of a being a partial birth abortion advocate. Doesn't that bother you?

Bugtheteacher said...

This looks like a great site I found it though frugal hacks I can't wait to read more.

Joanna said...

Marie- I knew this question would come up. I may do a longer post on it at a later time (when it matters more, when we know who our candidates will be for the general election). I appreciate Obama's candor and his humility, a trait I do not see in any of the other candidates nor our current president- and a trait I see as critical for good leadership. His willingness to bring people together and desire to heal the divides that have torn our country apart over the last 6 years or so is also unique among the candidates, and something our nation needs.

You brought up abortion - I believe there is more than one important issue to take into consideration to vote on, and I believe in a "consistent ethic of life" - being pro-life not only for the unborn but for all of Life- being pro-quality-of-life for the poor and marginalized, pro-life for those dying of AIDS overseas, pro-life for convicted criminals, pro-peace to end wars where innocents are dying... the list could go on. I need to be pro-life in a broader sense than just the unborn. Abortion can't be a litmus-test issue for me to vote in good faith.

Bug- Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement and I hope you come back!

Marie said...

Oh. I am all for a full-orbed pro-life ethic, I am just guessing I define it differently.

I don't see war as necessarily the wrong thing, for instance, if it is a war of self-defense. I think it can be actually wrong to NOT go to war, in other words to be pacifistic, because then the bullies rule, with terrible consequences.

I don't support socialized anything and don't see socialism as compassionate, rather, as confiscatory and ultimately cruel to others. I oppose the death penalty for innocent people but not for those proven guilty of murder and similar.

I know you don't mean this to be a political blog, I was just shocked at the positive reference to Obama. I know there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. God grant us all wisdom.

Amy said...

Joanna- Your post really resonated with me as I am a Hoosier and feel like I will be throwing my vote away this election too :) I don't care though because I really believe in the Democratic candidates. It is so hard to discuss our political views and I am proud of you for sharing yours :)

PS- Great resolution recap! I did my resolutions this year too and I am feeling excited about the new ones that I am hoping to complete. Thank you for the inspiration!


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