Health update

I'm doing better. The fever's subsided. The little that I've eaten since the last post has stayed down. I'm still home from work today because I'm still feeling weak & I don't want to infect the office- though most of them probably have more foresight than me and got a flu shot when they were offered.

Tip o' the day: Want to LOSE 10 pounds instead of gain weight during the holidays? Get the flu! (This is not actual advice, just an observation upon weighing myself last night.)

In other news:
Look for the Make It From Scratch Carnival right here on New Year's Day! Did you craft or cook anything amazing over the holidays? Blog about it & submit your post (or just email me) to be included! It'll be a first-carnival-of-2008 blast!


Matt said...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better. I hope you recover in time to enjoy the New Year holiday. And, selfishly, I hope you get back to the office soon... I got a new board game for Christmas and it's like pulling teeth trying to get people to try it out with me. :-)

I passed along the carnival news to Andrea - she made a couple crochet animals as stocking stuffers for the kids that would be nice additions.

MRS B said...

From your comment about now being able to keep food down, I'm going to wager that you may be referring to the "stomach flu," which bears very little resemblance to influenza. So you don't have to feel bad about not having gotten the flu shot.. it wouldn't have helped.

What Mr. B & Baby B & I all had in September was probably a parainfluenza virus.. again, flu shots are no help, but there is no expulsion of food involved, either.

Now, if you aren't ejecting food, and stay in bed for 3 or 4 more days with a fever, and develop an annoying cough at the end, that is more likely to be "the flu." And it is blah-ness with a capital B. And you still wouldn't know if the flu shot would have helped, because it only protects against a couple strains that the CDC "guesses" might be the most common in any given year.

Anyway, I, like Matt, do hope you are continuing to return to your normal, cheerful, pathogen-free self.

--Mrs. B (I'm not a Dr. but I act like I play one on TV. And I have an anti-flu shot agenda!)

Joanna said...

Of the list of flu symptoms I found, I had "Fever", "extreme tiredness", "dry cough", "Runny nose", and "Stomach symptoms". The cough (and a bit of tiredness) is the only thing that hasn't gone away. I was skeptical I actually had the flu because two of my symptoms show up in children not adults... but it was my best guess. I'm just hoping I didn't spread whatever I had to all the children I came in contact with in the three days prior to symptoms showing up.

And, the flu shot was very-encouraged at work, and I opted out consciously, thanks to doing a bit of research and not being totally sure of it (you know how I feel about medicine, Mrs B ;-) )

Daniel & Teresa said...

I'm glad you are feeling better- I am so sorry you were sick! I hope you have time to rest and recover; I'm sure Josh is taking good care of you! :)


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