Presidential Race News, 2 years early

James Dobson vows no support for McCain - Way to divide people, seriously. I like McCain, and would be delighted if he got the Republican nomination. James Dobson is a respected expert in the area of family matters, but many times, I wish he would stay away from politics.

Barack Obama announces an exploratory committee - I like Obama as much as McCain, and would be even more delighted if he got the Democratic nomination. Check out the official website.

Josh and I have discussed how great it would be to have the choice between McCain & Obama - the last presidential election, I felt like neither candidate was strong, and wasn't excited to vote for either. If the choice was between Obama & McCain, the choice would be hard again, but for a much better reason- they're both candidates I could support. I look forward from hearing from both.


Alisse Goldsmith said...

i SO agree with you on this one! hooray for candidates we actually feel like voting for!

Joanna said...

And Obama's from your state! You should feel proud. And I feel a connection because he was born in Hawaii, where I grew up for a while.


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