My birthday yesterday was delightful, thanks to my wonderful husband & family.

Josh got me a BIKE! I rode it to work today and am about to ride home. I suppose God's gift was the weather, because it's not often a bike is useful in January! I was also very excited about my parents' gift- among other cooking things, I got the much-anticipated, newest release of Joy of Cooking. The cookbook is HUGE and time-tested and a classic and I'm so excited to try some of these recipes. It even has guidance for growing your own herbs and canning, two things I've been wanting to learn.
Readers beware: Be prepared to see more recipes and cooking adventures on the blog. I've got new toys :)

On top of all the gifts, Josh was home and cleaned the whole house, unpacked from our trip, took down Christmas decorations, and rearranged the living room. That made me very excited as well. We hung some pictures we got for Christmas and things are looking wonderful.

In other news, check out the Christmas Eve Party album. (You'll notice pictures of the same kids over and over. The album is primarily posted for a certain cousin of Josh's, and father of those kids, who is in Iraq and so wasn't at the annual party.) I don't have pictures after Christmas Eve posted yet. More to come.

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mrs.burke said...

Canning? Yay! Then you can join in on the fun that Mrs. K. and I have doing that each summer. If you decide you want to try pressure canning, you could even test drive ours. We lovingly call it "R2D2" due to its size.

Uh oh, hungry baby alarm is starting to sound..


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