Resolve to Make It From Scratch!

Welcome to the first Make It From Scratch carnival of 2008!

It seems the Make It From Scratch community is looking to make some resolutions for the coming year...

1. Cook more meals - Cooking at home is better for our bodies and our pocketbooks, and fun, too! The holidays brought lots of ideas for us to add to our 2008 menus!

2. Eat less junk food (or make it at home when I do!) - we all know we'll eat sweets once in a while, but making them from scratch means we'll avoid some chemicals, preservatives, and costs! And, it's always more satisfying to eat something you've made yourself!

3. Make an effort to beautify my home - When I get busy, things around the house get neglected. Taking simple steps and using what I have, I can make the house more home-y, as the crafters have demonstrated!
  • Andrea, at her new knitting blog Knits and Knots, shows off her ADORABLE giraffe and frog toys she made for her kids for Christmas.
  • I used what I had in my yard to piece together a nice Christmas centerpiece for my home.
  • Cindy's at it again, and this time has come up with a practical-yet-beautiful doormat made entirely of plastic bags.
  • Mel at Bean Sprouts shows us the star ornament she made out of stuff she had "around the house"- and it turned out great!
  • HowToMe reminds us how easy it is to beautify our house with framed photos- and reminds me I have lots I need to print!
  • Donetta gives instructions on how to make floral arrangements- another simple yet striking way to make a home beautiful.
  • Alison shows us how she beautified her gifts of baked goods by packaging them in decorated lunch sacks! Combining these pretty bags with the goodies above would be fabulous!

4. Take care of myself and stay organized - There's always more I can do, and my fellow bloggers have great ideas!
  • Stephanie offers an earache remedy that can be put together with things around the house. Just have to be sure to use a clean sock! ;-)
  • And, for those of you who have trouble staying organized, Alex offers a desktop calendar for 2008 to print and assemble. I'll make this for the coolness factor- and to mark the dates for all the future Make It From Scratch carnivals, of course!
Keep one or all of these resolutions, and submit a post for next week to tell us how you did it. Next week we'll be at The Common Room for more Make-It-From-Scratch inspiration! Keep up the good work, everyone!


Stephanie said...

Thanks Joanna! Wonderful carnival!

joanie said...

Fantastic carnival - love the resolution theme too :)

Donetta said...

How very clever. Your Idea will encourage many. I love your blog title.

RecycleCindy said...

Thanks so much for a great carnival this week. Lots of wonderful ideas to check out. Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Fabulous presentation, Joanna!!! Great job to everyone!! Happy New Year and thanks for hosting!!

Mrs. Micah said...

I really like the resolutions theme. I'll have to find something to contribute next time--no new recipes lately. :)

HowToMe said...

Thanks! Happy New Year!

sarahspy said...

Thanks for featuring my PB cup recipe. You've gathered quite an awesome collection here. I'm very glad to be a part of it! Happy new year!

Talina said...

Awesome carnival! Thanks for hosting!!

Shari said...

Thanks for encouraging us to make it from scratch. Homemade food tastes so good and is more impressive. Thank goodness I learned how to make bread and pizza dough 12 years ago - can't imagine how much money I have saved. This Christmas, we made gingerbread men cookies for the first time and hung one on the tree like the pioneers used to do.

Shari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robbyn said...

Thank you for including my entry :) I loved reading this carnival!


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