Five Years

When a kid in my life has his fifth birthday, I say excitedly to them, "You're a whole hand old!" and they, without fail, beam really big. Five years!

Today, we're a whole hand married!

The wedding seems like a lifetime ago, though I know that five years isn't a long time. When we got married, I was two weeks out of college, neither of us had started our jobs, our apartment was barely set up, and we were both driving Honda Civics. Now, we have a house we're already considering when we might move out of, a dog, and a baby. I've worked the same job for almost 5 years. I drive a family-car sedan and Josh drives a SUV/minivan thing. We're Grown-Ups.

We had our biggest adventure yet this year as we became parents. I always knew Josh would be a wonderful father, but I had no idea how wonderful. Watching him with Elliott has made me melt into a puddle and fall even more in love with him. (But that's a post to save for Father's Day in a couple weeks.)

Five years from now? Who knows what our family will look like. Whatever adventures await us (and, raising a kid is a big one!),  I'm glad to have Josh as a partner as we tackle them. As I tell him all the time, I couldn't make it without him.

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Kacie said...

Happy whole-hand! May you fill up your hands and toes between the both of you and then some! :)

affectioknit said...

Happy Anniversary!


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