A part of me

So often, Elliott feels like an extension of myself.

Not because he looks like me. He looks just like his dad. Even strangers say so.
Not because he's so attached he never lets me go. He loves playing on the floor, in his crib, in his bouncer, and with other people.
Not even because, just a few short months ago, he WAS a part of me.

Everything just feel more 'right' when he's next to me. He thinks so too, and calmly looks around and eventually falls asleep when being worn next to me. He loves smiling at strangers from his perch. He's not as content in his stroller or in arms as he is in a sling. He prefers to be snuggled. When naptime comes around and we're not at home, the carrier is pretty much the only way to get him to take a nap. He needs to feel safe and connected. So do I. Even when he's fussing in the stroller or car seat, he feels too far away. When I'm working at church, in the yard, or around the house, he's connected and involved (or asleep) when I can wear him, and we're both happier.

10 days old in the Moby wrap:

Three months:

Our recent trip:

He likes being next to Daddy, too:

Also, when hiking, try getting a stroller through this:

I love babywearing!

This was not a sponsored post. I really, really love our Ergo baby carrier, how much easier it makes my life, and how secure it makes Elliott feel. I had two people stop me at church last week to ask lots of questions about the carrier, and I went on and on about how great it is.


Karen said...

I love the Ergo and babywearing in general, but I have to be honest, this 90-degree weather has made me start eyeing strollers with a little more interest. He just gets so hot, and so do I! I miss how comfy it was to have him snuggled up to me when it was cooler.

Joanna said...

Karen - While hiking in Tennessee, we got REALLY sweaty, so I get that. I think I'll continue to use the Ergo throughout the summer, though, as much as we can stand. It comes in handy most when we're visiting friends or family during bedtime or naptime (indoors), and he needs a familiar place to fall asleep.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I stopped babywearing last summer, when my daughter was about 10 months old. The heat plus the fact that she stopped falling asleep in the Ergo plus her getting too heavy for the ring sling all made me switch to the stroller. That said, I really miss babywearing! And I love this post. :-)


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