So Many Mamas- an update

I've been hearing word of birth announcements left and right, so decided to dig up my post about so many mamas due over the last few months. Here's the list (some very belated), with the ones still waiting on a December baby, and the babies who have already made their Earthside appearance:

Stacy - Welcome Delaney!
Jes - Welcome Josiah!
Kacie - Still waiting
Karen - Welcome Judah!
Susan - Welcome Gretchen!
Jenny - Still waiting
Jessie - Still waiting
Ariel - Still waiting
Operation Mommyhood - Due in February
Erin - Welcome Harrison!
Jennifer  - Welcome "Lil J"!.
Andrea - Welcome Alex!
Alissa - Due in January
Matt O's wife - Welcome Hunter!
James' wife - Still waiting
Tyson's wife - Still waiting
Gun's wife - Due in January

Reading these ladies' birth stories and seeing cuddly newborn pictures encourages me as I'm still waiting, too. And, I don't feel alone- the above picture is of four other ladies due within a month of me, from our company Christmas party Friday. Aren't they all so cute?!

From the same party, Josh and I got a picture together from high above the Indy "Christmas tree" that I thought was pretty festive:

I don't feel huge, and (totally unprompted) people keep telling me I'm not huge, but looking at these pictures makes me question that... (Note: Do NOT tell a woman, pregnant or not, that she's huge, or start sending her lipofuze reviews or ask if she's having twins. Unless you want to be hit over the head with her purse. You've been warned.)


Kacie said...

Hah! Yeah still waiting. I'm reasonably patient right now. The weather is such crud and I am hoping that she will come on a better weather day.

Also, a weekend would be most convenient for everyone, so maybe this weekend? Or next. Whatever! She'll come in December and I like having it narrowed down to that much at least.

By the way, you look fantastic!

Joanna said...

I've already had a talk with my little guy- no coming when it is below 15 degrees out! The wind chill here has been below zero, and there's snow & ice on the ground... not ideal.

I don't even know what YEAR he'll come, which makes things like planning for insurance costs not-so-easy.

"The Queen of Free" said...

You look FABULOUS. :) Mwah! Wish I could rub your sweet belly for luck.

I always slightly mourned the loss of my bump. It was handy to rest drinks on and whatnot.

Keep warm!

Gretchen said...

As someone who's seen you in person, you are totally not huge! I promise! You look beautiful!


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