Celebrating "Lasts"

In a matter of weeks, we'll be celebrating "Firsts"- Baby's first diaper change, first bath, first outfit for the trip home, first everything- because he's so new! For now, though, we're celebrating Lasts.

This Thanksgiving weekend was our last Thanksgiving pre-parenthood. We didn't get up early for Black Friday, knowing that we won't have many more weekend mornings we can sleep in. Saturday, after winning tickets, we took a spontaneous road trip to Cincinnati to see Prairie Home Companion live and had SO much fun. Would this be our last road trip for a while without a baby and baby gear in tow? Considering, pretty soon, I shouldn't travel that far from home, probably. While enjoying the mini-getaway, we used a gift card and ate at McCormick & Schmicks, a nice seafood restaurant in both Indy and Cincy. Was that our last fancy meal out?

This Friday is our company Christmas party at a nice dinner club downtown- and will be our last Christmas party that we won't need to get a babysitter for. We spent the weekend playing board games with teeny-tiny pieces, and were able to leave the game set up on the table in the kitchen- when will our last game be, before the pieces become choking hazards and need to be put away?

Will this Christmas be our last as a couple, or first as a family of three? What about New Year's? Or my birthday 2 days before my due date? I'm really starting to think that the 'due date' should just be called a 'due month', since I'm considered full term for a 5-week window, between weeks 37 and 42, and the due 'date' is somewhat arbitrary. Anything in that window could be a Last. Also, I don't think I'm going to like hearing "Any day now!" for a month straight.

We're anticipating with excitement all the big Firsts to come, but I think I'm realizing the need to reflect on these Lasts, too. I'm not mourning these Lasts, but instead savoring them, knowing that what is to come isn't better or worse, just a different adventure. I'm understanding more and more the line in the Christmas story, "Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."- things are changing so fast, and it would be easy to miss this time, and the time to come. Even now, when my nesting instinct has kicked into full gear, I need to slow down, ponder, and treasure this time. I won't have a chance later on!


Ashley @ twentysixcats said...

One of the wonderful things about newborns is that they sleep all the time and it's easy to take them everywhere! At least that's been my experience. A comfy baby carrier and you're set to do anything that you are up to doing. Of course, as your little one gets bigger and wants to move around, it's not so easy. But you will have PLENTY more chances to play games before you need to worry about the pieces. :-)

Kacie said...

Love it! Yes, celebrate these lasts. You will still be able to get out and have fun, play board games and whatnot. It just takes a little more planning/creativity I think. Shane and I intended to go out to nice reatauants a lot more before Johnny was born, but the guy came sooner than I thought so there were a few places left on our list. Oh well! Just don't wear yourself out. I am finding that really basic activity wears me out these days! My due month is coming.

"The Queen of Free" said...

I love being pregnant around the holidays because of this very passage and the ability to press pause. Prairie Home Companion live is AWESOME. Saw it at the State Fair a few years ago and was in love. On my 40x40 is seeing it in MN at the theater! :)


How exciting that you are so close to "the day"! There's nothing like meeting your child! Wishing you a wonderful labor and delivery : )


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