It's that time of year

I feel like this happens every year- right around this time, I kind of run out of blogging ideas.
Case in point:
Dec 22, 2004:
I'm usually a little more thoughtful in blog updates, but I'm not particularly in a writing mood right now, I just feel bad for neglecting my online space for too long.

Dec 30, 2005:
I apologize for neglecting the blog for a few days, but I feel it has been justified.

Dec 18th, 2006:
I haven't been blogging much- it's been a busy time at work and at home.

Dec 1, 2007:
As for now, I might take a break for a few days, get the house decorated for Christmas or something. I'm not in the spirit yet- maybe it'll help.
See? Told you so.

I could go on and on about tree frogs or Moroccan furniture or video game news, but really, which of you really want to hear about frogs, Moroccan furniture, or video games?

Please don't answer that.

I do love blogging, writing about little things that I'm passionate about... I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. Not really- I shouldn't be, I guess. I think it's mostly that my house is a mess right now, and I haven't been home much or had the energy to straighten things up when I am- and when my house is in disarray, everything in life seems out of place.

This will probably be remedied soon; things will be in their place, and holiday cheer will come- to both home & elsewhere.

Between Christmas parties this weekend, I hope to clean & get decorations up. That will make me delighted. Perhaps I'll make another greenery arrangement like last year. That was fun.

I wonder if this pattern I demonstrated above has anything to do with the short days around this time of year? I know the lack of sunlight affects other people's moods, I wonder if this is what's making me so "uninspired"? I do love sunshine.


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Hi Joanna,

I really like the greener basket. It is a very cute idea.

Thanks for entering the Earth Love’n wrapping paper giveaway. Sorry you didn’t win. Maybe I can get her to do another giveaway… maybe birthday wrap and cards this time!

About Feb is when I can’t handle the lack of sun anymore and beg my husband to take me on a vacation some place warm!

Joanna said...

Hehe, we have a Hawaii vacation planned for February- I think I'll hold out until then :-P


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