Or, as Strongbad on Teen Girl Squad would say, "it's over!"

National Blog Posting Month, that is. I posted every day for the month of November- and averaged more than once a day. See one post from each day of the last month here, if you want a review.

I am really excited about some the good discussions we had (and are continuing!) around here. Thanks for participating- and not hating me for spamming your RSS reader. I think I'll pull back to a more comfortable pace of posting- which, for me, is almost, but not quite, every day. I felt obligated to post something profound every day this month, even though that's not in the "official requirements", and that self-imposed requirement was hard to live up to. It did make me reflect and think about a few issues more than I would have otherwise- and hopefully made you think, too! Ya'll certainly made ME think in your responses! Keep 'em comin'!

As for now, I might take a break for a few days, get the house decorated for Christmas or something. I'm not in the spirit yet- maybe it'll help.


Melissa said...

You must've stolen it from me. I didn't blog at ALL in November. ;)

Life's been tooo busy! I've enjoyed reading yours a lot, though. :)

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Hooray! Congratulations. :-)

ChuckL said...

You did it ....and you did it very well!!


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