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I'm usually a little more thoughtful in blog updates, but I'm not particularly in a writing mood right now, I just feel bad for neglecting my online space for too long.

My finals: Must have gone well, all my grades ended up as A-'s, except a B+ in one class and A in another. I was pleased.

My trip to Georgia: Went well. There was a bit of excitement at my aunt's house on Sunday as an electrical problem about made the house burn down. All turned out well in the end, however. I enjoyed seeing my family and finding everyone doing well. The family get-together involved, among others, 3 kids and 4 dogs, all 7 under the age of 4, so there was much activity and fanfare. The car rides down and back were thankfully uneventful and smooth. I just got my pictures I took over the trip back today and was pleased with them.

Coffee with Alissa: Went to Starbucks today and got a Peppermint Mocha that was very yummy. Alissa andd I sat and talked for two hours and got to know each other some. It was very good. She's a neat girl. We have quite a few common friends, which is fun. In the course of this post, I discovered there are 22 Starbucks within 10 miles of me at home and 0 within 10 miles of me at school. Starbucks is a treat.

What book I'm reading: I started the book Robot Visions, which I picked up at Barnes & Noble before my trip. I enjoy it. I always enjoy high-quality science fiction. It's funny to see what Isaac Asimov, the acclaimed science fiction writer, foresaw in the '40's, or didn't foresee at all.

What article I'm reading: Just tonight, I read this article which beautifully describes what faith is all about. I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions, but the part that caught me:
Wonder is my second favorite condition to be in, after love—and I sometimes question whether there is a difference: maybe love is just wonder, aimed at a beloved.
Wonder is not an obligatory element in the search for truth. We can seek truth without its assistance. But seek is all that we can do. There will be no finding. Till wonder descends, truth is unable to reveal itself.

Wonder is not curiosity. Wonder is to curiosity what ecstasy is to comfort. But wonder is not astonishment, either. Astonishment is too brief. The only limit to the duration of wonder is the limit of our energy.

Wonder is anything taken for granted suddenly filling with mystery. Wonder is anything closed suddenly opening

I wondered at the snow falling tonight. Apparently we're to have inches upon inches before morning.
I wondered at the mountains we drove through between here and Georgia- the beautiful blue shadows of the hills on the horizon, the icicles covering the rock face, the forests towering immediately above us.
I wonder still why I don't wonder more at God- at what He's done, at what He's made, at what He's doing- I take it for granted.
This month in chapel we sang a carol I don't remember hearing before- "I Wonder as I Wander." The first verse says "I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus, the Savior, did come for to die, For poor, ornery people like you and like I, I wonder as I wander, Out under the sky."
Oh, how I don't wonder enough! Perhaps I don't wander enough.

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