World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.
I remember once-upon-a-time when the AIDS crisis was treated like a crisis, and it was in the news all the time. Today, I hear very little about it in the media. Contrary to what you might ahve heard, the problem has NOT gone away. It breaks my heart that the West is practically ignoring the epidemic, treating Africa as a hospice rather than the home of millions of our brothers and sisters.

One organization that is making a difference in a very strategic way is Loving South Africa. South Africa is the epicenter of the crisis, and LSA is trying to find a holistic way to alleviate some of the suffering there. They are attacking the the disease from all angles by partnering with groups in the Kwazulu Natal region that treat different aspects of the disease.

I particularly appreciate the whole-person approach LSA is taking. Bring the good news to people. Give them practical life skills to not only avoid contracting HIV but hold a job and become a leader. Offer testing for those who want it, to catch the disease early. Provide affordable treatment. Care for the children of the victims of the disease- many of whom are sufferers as well. Treat those dying from AIDS with love and respect. A beautiful plan- if any one of the aspects of the ministry was missing, there would be a hole that sufferers would fall through. This approach is truly "loving accurately".

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giovanna garcia said...

Thanks for the post! We all need to take action to help.

Giovanna Garcia


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