Friday night news

Even though sniper fire is likely for me admitting this... here's where I spent my Friday evening:

Town Hall meeting, Kokomo, IN

Unlike Matt, I didn't stand in line for two hours! I was able to snag our tickets online yesterday.

More later. I took notes, but it's late. I was amazed at the demographics of the crowd- on one hand, high schoolers needing acne treatment on the other, grandparents in wheelchairs. Men, women, young, old, black, white, Asian. Such diversity!

Oh, and today marks 4 years of blogging- happy birthday Keeping Feet!

And, even more exciting- Josh starts a new job a week from Monday! Hooray!


Kacie said...

I must say many things:

1. Good for you for seeing a politician speak! Way to be informed :)

2. Happy blogging birthday! You and Ashley apparently started your blogs right around the same time!

3. Hooray, Josh! Best wishes!

4. Have a lovely weekend. kthxbai

Alisse Goldsmith said...

I am jealous :) He was speaking in Marion today, but with Taylathon and the memorial service I decided not to go.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I'm not jealous. ;-) Hehe but you knew that. Since we all voted the same day, our state didn't get any special attention. I wish we had been a bit more proactive in seeing if/when Ron Paul was coming our way, but I don't think either of us thought of it. Oh well. We'll catch the next election.

And, hooray for Josh!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time in a long time that presidential candidates have spent much time in Indiana. It is great that you are taking advantage of seeing what these leaders say and what they stand for. It is going to be quite an election to see unfold. From a race and gender standpoint, it is a landmark year that will go in the history books and we are getting to see live in person!

P.S. I second the hooray for Josh!!


Matt Wissman said...

I'm jealous that the you were able to get tickets online. I wonder why they didn't do that for Muncie? I'm glad you got to see Obama in person.

Marie said...

(withholding fire, waiting to hear what you thought about what he actually said/didn't say)

Joanna said...

Ashley: for you and the other 6 people who read my blog & support Ron Paul, I took a picture of the sign across from the gym where the town hall meeting was held

I've seen few yard signs for presidential candidates- I've seen a handful for Obama and just as many or more for Ron Paul, and only one for Clinton. None for McCain.

Matt & Alisse: They may have done the online tickets for Muncie or Marion, but the link to the form was sent out to a small mailing list- that's my guess. Most the people at the town hall meeting had stood in line to get tickets. Very few had gotten them on the internet.

Thanks, everyone, for your well-wishes!


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