Bridal shower, continued

I didn't say much about the party earlier, but it was an amazing event! Lots of pink, lots of flowers, and lots of delicious food and sweets! I can't imagine putting together such an event for the almost-50 ladies in attendance. Everyone was so excited to celebrate Caroline and her upcoming wedding, blessing her socks off with well-wishes and gifts for their new home! You'll see lots of smiles in the pictures- and very few were posed- everyone's smiling because they had such a blast!

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Caroline & Josh heading up to check out Chicago apartments in a week, and graduating from IU's Kelley School in two weeks! Caroline pointed out how few days are left before the Big Day- it's coming up fast! I remember when I was just a week or two out from graduating. It feels like Real Life is flying at you faster than you can get your footing, but it all works out in the end, as it will with this special couple. They definitely have it all together!


Anonymous said...

Can you please be the photographer for all of our events??? You did a GREAT job, you really captured the day in photos. Thank you so much for doing this, I knew we could count on you. Beware, I'll be asking you again!

Larissa said...

That shower looked amazing! It's obvious that so many people care a lot about your sister.

Joanna said...

Mary- Anytime. My camera is ready.

Larissa- I have photos of YOUR bridal shower too, want me to post those? :)

Daniel and Teresa said...

I'm so happy for your family and for Caroline. :) The pics are beautiful. And they made me hungry...

Larissa said...

I didn't know you took pictures! Post away! I would be curious to see them.


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