Dog obedience, week 4

I did not have high hopes for this week at class.

Since the last class, we had been out of town & not practiced as we should have 3 of the 6 days between classes. I just hoped it wouldn't be a disaster!

Turns out, Casey's getting used to the place. He still didn't want to go in, but he made less breaks for the door when we were inside. He made it twice, all the way around the room, heeling perfectly without a correction. I was very proud of him. He took treats from me the whole time- the other times we've been to class, he got so nervous, with his fast panting and high BPM, he wouldn't even take treats put in front of his nose.

He did pretty well during class, for not practicing during the week. The best moment for me came, not in class, but this morning. We were out for a walk, and we had fun! No pulling. Heeling perfectly. He trotted next to me, looking up at me the whole time, giving me his attention, just as he should. I would swear he was smiling. He likes the "about faces" we do while we are walking- it keeps him interested and makes it more of a game. Herding dogs are good at sharp turns.

And that's what this is pet-relationship is supposed to be, right? Fun?

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