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I've been out of things to blog about lately, and haven't been spending much time on the computer outside of work, so this blog has been pretty empty. I apologize.

The Chick-fil-a around here is having free breakfasts on Wednesday mornings through March 26th. Josh and I took advantage of it this morning, and bought drinks to go along with the meal. I know this is falling into the ploy of the whole 'free breakfast' scheme... but I can't turn down sweet tea. Ever. The best part (besides the sweet tea)? Having breakfast with my husband.

Josh is building a bookcase! He's been wanting to get into woodworking, and this is a way to start simply, before he tackles larger wish-list projects, like a daybed & trundle for one of the extra bedrooms. We bought the wood & stain over the weekend (and found out that a 3'x6' piece of plywood doesn't fit in a 2004 Civic, and that holding it to the top of the car makes one's hands very cold.). The bookcase will replace the cheap Target bookcase in our living room that we've hated since we put it together.

Babies galore! I was commenting to a few people a couple months ago how I knew so many people that had babies in the last year & a half. Well, perhaps it wasn't only my perception: the US just had a mini-baby-boom recently. For my family & friends that meant 5 coworkers, 6 friends, and 3 family members had a new addition to their family in the last year & a half, with another 3 on the way. And, I did this count quickly... I feel like I'm missing someone. Babies galore, indeed.

I'm having a good friend over- the only person from my high school days I've stayed in touch with- on Saturday. She hasn't seen the house yet, and I'm excited to show it to her! She was never able to visit my apartment because of the stairs, so it will be good to finally be able to sit & visit somewhere other than a restaurant.

EDIT: Had to add one last Happy Thing: I'm not on Facebook. I should do a longer post about this later, but for now, the article will suffice.

Less Happy Thing:



Jes said...

you'll have to explain to me why you are against facebook. I skimmed the article, but I'd like to know why you are against it. I can't read long things like that and understand them (with all the disruptions I get between start and finish).
Seemed like the point was people are making way too much money of relationships- or am I way off? and if I'm not off- Facebook isn't the only thing making money off of relationships or simple ideas. Look at Blogger :)
as far as the advertising, I guess that doesn't matter to me, because I pretty much ignore all advertisements I see.
So anyway, was my skim of the article way off? he he.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Don't worry, Jes. That article was just one long rant. :-)

I thought that article about Facebook offered weak arguments and seemed to be just a guy with a chip on his shoulder. Facebook does what tons of other companies do - is it bad to make money off a person's desire to communicate and socializa? Don't telephone companies do the same thing? As far as privacy issues and them taking information, I have more concerns about Google! Perhaps we should stop using Blogger... Gmail... GTalk... Picasa... Google Maps...

The point is, the world is changing. We've become a society that has a lot of ties to the Internet. Just because online social communities are a different way of doing things doesn't make them bad. Different isn't bad! Isn't that something you talk about a lot?

By the way, here's a counter article I found.


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