My favorite Katelynn

I had a message on my phone last night from my mom that my friend Katelynn had called. I've gotten together with Katelynn on average of once a year since I graduated high school, but she is still one of my favorite people. So I was really excited to hear she called.
Here is Katelynn's story, because she is amazing:
Katelynn is a glorious young woman. I first came across her when she came to Student Venture and FCA meetings ealry Tuesday and Friday mornings. A few people would greet her, but she didn't seem to know anyone. I didn't talk to her. Then, Junior year, I helped teach the 'adaptive PE' class at my school- the physical education class for handicapped kids. Most the kids in the group were mentally handicapped, but then a couple- Katelynn included- had physical disabilities that made it so they couldn't be in the normal PE classes. I spent time with Katelynn there, then discovered we had the same lunch period, & neither of us really had anyone to sit with. So I had an amazing year sitting with Katelynn at lunch and hearing her story. She was born with cerebral palsy-which is enough to deal with- and then her father died when she was 10. I can't imagine. She had 2 younger brothers at that point, and her mom had to care for the three of them. Recently, her mom remarried and now she has a little sister who she ADORES.
Through all of this, though, she developed a passionate love for God. I love listening to her & watching her eyes light up as she talks about her faith, about her heart for her friends, and her love for Jesus. It makes me angry when people don't take her or others with disabilities seriously just because they can't walk or hear or speak. I've learned so much from my friendship with Katelynn.
She had an interview with my high school newspaper and tells a bit of her story in her own words. My favorite quote, that captures the beautiful young woman Katelynn that I know, is:
Even though it's hard with my disability, I know God made me this way and so I have to deal with it and still be able to talk to people about Jesus and hopefully lead them to him.

So, yeah, I hope I get a hold of her this summer and catch up and see what great things God is doing in, around, and through His humble servant Katelynn.

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peak said...

dude... that's awesome

yeah God. funny how it always takes someone with a thing you take for granted that God uses to teach His lessons. woo.


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