We live amidst houses with really big lots. The closest neighbors we have are a good distance away only because their houses are set so far back from the road, and ours is much closer. This will change when much closer neighbors move into the neighborhood being built full of custom homes directly adjoining our property.

One house has been built and is for sale. Saturday, it was semi-warm, and Josh and I took a walk through the new neighborhood. The house for sale had a real estate fact sheet that shed some light on the contrast between our little house and our future neighbors.

Square-footage-wise, FIVE of our houses could fit in the house nearest to us that is for sale.

It's being sold for OVER SIX TIMES what ours did.

As it is, I prefer 'cozy' to 'cavernous'


Jes said...

isn't it so crazy that everyone thinks they need those huge expensive houses? What ever happened to normal houses like yours? No one every builds normal sized houses anymore.
Instead of sharing rooms with siblings everyone needs there own, and forget about sharing one bathroom, most homes being build have at least 3.
Instead of families with 4 children living in a 2-3 bedroom house, it's turned into families with 2 children living in a 3-4 bedroom house with a bonus room.
What happened to being cozy?

Lisa said...

Cheap consumer goods is what happened. Little houses get full of these things more quickly than big houses.

I used to work at a prominent area law office. One of the named partners got a divorce and moved out of his 2 million dollar home. He says during his downsizing, 10 dumpsters were filled and hundreds or car loads were taken to the thrift store. 10 DUMPSTERS. That is SO much stuff.

Kacie said...

Whoa! That ought to be a good thing for your own property values, at least!

Meredith said...

Yes, that's just what I was about to type, Kacie!


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