Baby blanket #2

The yellow and green baby blanket #1 was mailed to the new parents after the last post, and they've reportedly received it and enjoyed the gift.

This baby blanket was a collaborative effort between my coworkers & friends: Matt, Matt's wife Andrea, James, and myself. A coworker of ours & his wife were expecting their first baby, and they had a name picked out & knew it would be a boy long before the due date. I and my knitting coworkers got to work... slowly. We definitely took our time on this blanket, but were very happy with the result- as were the parents! They said it was the most personalized gift they received!

We collaborated by each taking a color & knitting 4 squares. Most of the patterns for the letter and picture blocks came from the dishcloth patterns at Knitting Knonsense, which were all easy enough for us beginner-knitters to complete. The blanket was finished by Andrea, who crocheted the blocks together.

And, of course, Welcome to the world, Carson!


Daniel & Teresa said...

Awww... another good one! Carson is a cute name. :)

Dianah said...

That is a very cool blanket. Great Idea!

Cindy said...

Wow what a special gift you made.


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