Changing Seasons*

Fall came very abruptly this year.

I mean, autumn's not officially here yet, and leaves aren't even changing, but the hot weather we were having very quickly changed to cool weather, with no warning, or even a back-and-forth week. It just went from Summer to Fall, like that. The sun, all of a sudden, stopped greeting me in the morning.

I love Spring. There is so much Hope in Spring. Spring point to the bright, warm Summer ahead. The days get longer, the temperature allows me to shed my coat, and I have the freedom to roam outside again. Fall, on the other hand, points to Impending Winter, the season full of inconvenient snow and ice, dreary, short days, bulky coats, and painfully-frosty temperatures. I don't like Winter.

I mean, there are a few things to look forward to: Thanksgiving & Christmas with family, birthdays of my sister, a couple friends, a couple nephews and my own, a new year, moving into a house. I wonder if the 2-0 Colts will get Super Bowl tickets again this year? The changing leaves are gorgeous, to be sure- sometimes I think it's God's apology for the coming cold-and-dreariness, it's the last color we see before Spring comes again.

I haven't worn tennis shoes all Spring and Summer, and I'm not looking forward to donning them again (or socks- the extra laundry that comes along with them). I will hold out with my trusty sandals as long as I can.

*I should mention, Changing Seasons is the new name of my friends' blog, where they just made the transition to being parents. This post is about the actual changing of seasons- which doesn't happen where my friends live ;-)


Joanna said...

Perhaps I spoke too soon?

Dianah said...

Love that you are using Josh's pictures. :-) I am sure you will enjoy the Indian summers that will undoubtably come along.


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