Make it from scratch: Baby Gift!

So, once-upon-a-time, I started a baby blanket. My friend wasn't finding out if they were having a boy or a girl, so the colors I chose for the blanket were green and yellow. I knew how to knit dishcloths, so I started looking for dishcloth patterns that fit the expecting couple, with the plan that I'd stitch all the squares together into a blanket.

Well, I wasn't knitting as much as I should have been these past few months. I outsourced the yellow squares to my mom, and she finished them when I had one or two left to go. A few weekends ago I buckled down and had a knitting marathon to finish all the squares for this and another baby blanket I was working on. I was very much relieved that I was finally done with the squares... but that doesn't mean the blanket was done. Life got busy, and I only moderately worked on getting the squares put together into a blanket. Until this week.

This week, Baby Jeremiah came. That was motivation to get this thing done! I finished stitching the squares together, washed the blanket, and, to give it a little bit of a "boyish" look, I tied little blue bows to the intersections of the squares. I was pleased with the results. Due to the fact New Parents and Baby live in the Dominican Republic, I am doubtful they'll need the blanket to keep warm, but I figure it will at least be a good spread for a playmat for teh floor. I hope the enjoy it!

Here are some pictures I snapped before tying the bows on:

"ABC" and "123" are for the smart little baby they'll have (they should look into Da Vinci baby furniture for the little genius!). The hearts and LOVE are for the love he'll be showered with. The baby feet... well they're barefoot, and that makes sense to anyone who knows the family. The tea (which Jeremiah's parents like) is next to a cat named for tea. And an apple for the teachers! (And, Tree, there was a sheep square, but it was beyond my ability to knit. Maybe for the next one ;-) )

See close ups of the top half & bottom half patterns.

Tree and Dan, be expecting a package in a while! I'm sorry it's coming just a little bit later than planned!


ThriftyKaren said...

Very cute and a great keepsake. I think the colors are perfect for a little boy.

Thanks for participating in the Make it from Scratch Carnival.


Mark said...

That is really good joanna.

Sara said...

It looks great!! And happy baby moon to your friend!

tegdirb92 said...

so this was your surprise :) Great job--im impressed!!

Stephanie said...

How sweet, and here I've been hoping the blanket was for you! :)

Daniel & Teresa said...

Yay! Thank you Joanna! That is so very sweet. We will treasure it and make sure Jeremiah knows who made it for him!!! :)


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