Encouragement today

I had an email update from a friend who I haven't seen in a long time. It was a delightful surprise and made my day. She had all good news to share, and I was super-excited to hear from her.

I was down and frustrated this weekend & yesterday over something that had been bothering me. No less than 4 people since then have articulated the exact same thing, without even knowing that it is the very solution I had decided on for my problem (or even knowing that there was anything wrong!). The affirmations from all sides encouraged me, and this afternoon I was in a much better mood, with a weight lifted off my shoulders. Things should be looking up.

The rainy overcast skies cleared up today, to reveal sunshine. God is good.


me said...

Things are looking up
I've been looking the landscape over
And it's filled with four-leaved clovers
Oh things are looking up
Since love looked up at me.

--one of the Gershwins.

jtcosby said...

I came to your site through a works for me wednesday...but just had to say hello and isn't the encouragement neat when it obviously comes from God? That is so awesome! I completely feel affirmed when I ask for obvious signs and they come in unobvious places...

oh, and I had to mention my friends tease me SOOO much of having Frodo feet! Tee hee....

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I miss you!


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