All the unanswered questions

Inspired by Matt, according to Google Analytics, here are questions that people have asked Google, and looked for the answer from my blog:
  1. how to make a baby blanket - I've posted about this a couple times lately, but I scanned like 30 pages of Google results and didn't find my post anywhere. Don't know how the 4 people who found my blog this way got here.
  2. does a budget matter - YES.
  3. tan lines went away in 3 weeks, also tan lines went away in 2 weeks- I talked about my watch tan line here.
  4. plurals ending with a y - Yeah, I'm at a loss to figure out how they ended up on my site. I talk about the possessive of Arkansas, and the plural and possessive of our last name (ending in 'ss' here. Can YOU think of any plural ending in 'y'?
  5. places to get a desk job in upland indiana - HA! My desk job in Upland, IN was with the IT department, and it was an excellent college job, but I believe it's already spoken for for teh next 3 years. And, in case you're wondering, my blog is the very first Google result for that search. I am THE authority on it.
  6. nouns ending with ay - OK, this is an easier one. Day, Ray, Bay, Chardonnay... there are lots.
  7. is 2600 square feet too big for me - Probably. Maybe not, but probably. Especially i its just you. We're excited to be moving into a house less than half that size.
  8. "small fish" and "dead skin cells" and feet - I'm proudly link #5 for this search term...
  9. how to phrase the advertising of my company? - Hopefully better than you phrased that question.
  10. i need to find out how you bind off a knitting project - Yeah, me too. Seriously, my blog is the wrong place to find that out, because I'm not the best at binding off. I try. I do it. But not well. This searcher needs to try Wikipedia.
  11. where's the best place for senior pictures in indianapolis? - I don't know if they were BEST, but I took portraits on IUPUI's campus, by the White River, and in Coxhall Gardens.
  12. why won't my tomatoes turn red - Again, I'm the wrong person to ask. I have a plant full of green cherry tomatoes.
  13. rich mullins, "highlighter" quotes - This isn't a question, and seems like a pretty random phrase, but I know exactly what the search was looking for. I quoted it here. I also point out this search term to commemorate the singer & songwriter who died in a car crash ten years ago yesterday.

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