What I believe: Everyone is fascinating

This is part of Beth's series over at The Natural Mommy. Check it out!

This is something I'm pretty passionate about, actually. I love listening. I love listening to people's passions. Everyone has something, and, if I slow down and ask about it, it will come out. Without fail, they'll show me pictures of their kids or their dog or tell me about the details of whatever it is they collect or study.

I first discovered this in high school, when I had friends passionate about all sorts of things. One played and composed jazz music and I'd go over to his place and he'd tell me all about octaves and beats and keys and other musical terms I knew nothing about. A couple friends were obsessed with horses, and would tell stories and the latest news from the stables. Another could talk for hours about planes and identify any plane flying overhead by its sound. Another talked endlessly about anime. The list goes on. Each of these people were passionate about some really quirky thing and could talk for hours about it. Was I interested in any of the things they were talking about? Not really. Most the time I didn't even understand the details of the subject matter they were discussing. But I listened- and their eyes lit up as they talked, and they were animated and excited about whatever it was they were discussing. It was awesome. I was just as excited about what they were talking about as they were, because I could see their heart, and see how much they care about it. It delighted me. I loved asking them questions, to keep them talking, because their excitement was so joyous and contagious.

Now, I still believe people are fascinating, even though I come across a smaller number and variety of people than I did in my 3,600-student-high-school days. I still have friends that talk passionately about whatever it is they're passionate about, and it is fascinating. Anyone is, really, once you just sit down and listen to them. Just today, I talked to a lady who wanted to start her own event-planning business. She now is pursuing other plans, but to hear a little of her story was really neat. Another guy earlier was telling me about the campsite his family now has to vacation at, and his new dog, and he sent me pictures of both. It was interesting solely because he was excited about what he was talking about. Another will talk to me about photography, another about his niece & nephew- both also sharing pictures in their excitement. Each lets me see a little of their world, and a little of their heart, as they open up to disclose what makes their eyes light up- what makes them excited and passionate.

Seriously, it's so cool. I hope I never become so self-absorbed or so in-a-hurry that I miss out on listening and miss out on sharing others' excitement & others' hearts. God dropped these unique passions and interests into people around me, and I love seeing glimpses as they shine through.

And, hence, I like the idea of this What I Believe series. It allows people to discuss what they believe deeply- what they're passionate about- and through that, we are able to see a bit of what God made them uniquely to be.

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Great post, Joanna!

Very humbling, too...

I'm pretty sure I'm one of those "self-absorbed" people, more concerned with the next thing I'm going to say instead of listening to what the other is saying.

Thanks for opening my eyes! (And ears!)


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