Sister come and gone

My sister, who I mentioned earlier, is back from her gallivanting all over Europe. She got back a week and a half ago, and hit the ground running with wedding planning- only 9 and a half months to go! Earlier this summer, she had been to the dress shops to try on dresses countless times with various permutations of friends and family members (I think she just likes to be oohed and aahed over while wearing pretty dresses ;) ) but finally decided she needed to make a decision. I agreed that selecting a dress was a wise course of action, and she invited me along as part of her entourage to make the final selection.

A side note: I'm not a shopper. I'll do my research beforehand for whatever product it is that I need to buy, then I'll go out, make a decision and buy it. Period. And I do this very rarely. When I bought a wedding dress, it was done with a trip to just a couple bridal shops, over just a couple days, and the dress I ended up with was perfect.

So, she did make a decision Wednesday, then had the couple bridesmaids that were there (me included) try on dresses so she could start thinking about our dresses, too. Sigh. I was shopped-out by then end of the trip, mainly because, before the bridal shop, I had visited 2 Goodwills and a Kohls looking for a nice top to wear to a friend's wedding. It was the first top I had bought in a year, so Josh insisted I go shopping. Did I mention I'm not a shopper?

Wednesday night, we celebrated my mom's birthday, and it was nice to have the family together for that short time. As soon as Caroline's luggage was unpacked from Europe, it seemed she was packing again, and she's already moved in at IU, for her last year. My little sister! going to graduate college! And get married! Wow.

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