I'm a Winner!

I found this out yesterday, and am so excited - Ashley has awarded me two blogging awards:

These have been circulating around the blogosphere, and I'm excited that they've finally landed here! Thanks, Ashley!

Now I get to nominate some of my favorite bloggers for these awards. What fun! I'll try to pick people who haven't got the awards yet, because its only fair.

For the Rockin' Girl Blogger award:

Caroline, my sister, is currently adventuring in Europe- touring Italy, watching the running of the bulls in Spain, whitewater rafting in Switzerland. The Tour de France in on the menu for this weekend, I believe. Oh, yeah, and she's taking a class or something. Haven't heard much about that. Anyway, she's been doing a rockin' job recording her adventures on her & her fiance's blog, Our Dutch Life. I'll be glad to have her back State-side in a few weeks, but, until then, I'm loving the stories!

Kristen is a friend I highlighted a few posts ago. I got her into this blogging thing almost three years ago, and the title of her blog is even based off a silly hat I gave her... Anyway, she's an inspiration to me, with her determination and her heart for people. When she does blog, she is always open and genuine. Like Caroline, I look forward to hearing her stories after the summer!

Larissa is another inspiring friend. Our engineer minds think alike, and I love hearing her stories of their early years of marriage. I also appreciate the excitement she has for what she does.

My future brother-in-law's mom has a blog that's definitely rockin', too, but it is password protected, so I won't bother linking to it. She's always upbeat and funny, sharing story after story of the adventures of her houseful.

For the Blogger Reflection Award:

James, a coworker, has a blog that he fills with book reviews, links, and very reflective thoughts on faith. His deep thought always challenge me to examine my own heart and beliefs, and I appreciate it.

I'm a lurker at both Ariah & Drew's blogs, but I appreciate both of their reflections on issues that I, too, care very much about. They both put the issues in practical, down-to-earth terms. They are both taking a little bit of a break right at the moment, but I really hope they're both back soon!

There are two collaborative blogs by women, true womanhood in the new millennium and Emerging Women. I very much appreciate the variety of opinions at both. The issues brought up on both blogs are applicable, always asking really good questions. The discussions at both are lively and well-thought-out as well, and everyone knows I LOVE a lively discussion! I appreciate these women who are seeking to think about all aspects of faith and life.

Thanks to all these bloggers for making me smile and making me think!


Matt said...

Congrats to the winners. I was hoping that I might be rockin' enough that I'd qualify for Rockin' Girl Blogger, despite the additional gender criterium. But I can deal.

Joanna said...

Yeah, you would've been on the Rockin' Girl Blogger list... if you were a girl. As it was, I had to figure out if I knew any girls.

ashley@twentysixcats said...

I should have done what you did - separate the two categories instead of just awarding them both together. :-) Well I would have given you the "reflection" award because you always make me think! (Not that you're not rockin' of course...)

Joanna said...

You'll notice the reason I split them up: The Reflection award is going to guys or collaborative blogs, where the Rockin' Girl Blogger (singular) didn't fit. Otherwise I would have just lumped them all together, too.

bfine107 said...


Thanks for the award. I'm really glad you've found my blog and we've been able to learn from one another.

Caroline elise said...

YaY! im happy I got one... I have never had a blog that i actually write on.. and people read :)!

Can't wait to be home and show you all the pictures from my travels!


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