Eastbound on the Old National Road

After the Wednesday family time, we continued our road trip, this time eastward. Google Maps as well as the ever-useful Microsoft Streets and Trips would only give us directions using major interstate roads, so we had to improvise, which wasn't hard, since the goal was to stay on the same road as long as possible.

Taking the Historic National Road through Eastern Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland was similar to the Indiana-Illinois-Missouri trip, with the small towns and rural roads, except mountainous. My little Civic isn't used to the up-and-down hills that it had to deal with for most the trip! I'm glad my poor car survived the trip- and I'm ever so grateful for Josh for driving the whole thing! I can drive, I just prefer not to, and I'm lucky that Josh likes to drive (something I'll never understand), so it all works out.

Anyway, the mountains were beautiful, and the especially old stretches of road were fun- some were still made of brick! It was pretty cool. The rest of the old road was lined with old diners and old motels- some still in operation, others closed long ago. Somewhere in Maryland, US 40 started heading to Washington DC, which was not where our final destination was, so we gave up on that route and found a way to the Philadelphia suburbs via other, less historic roads. We did have to drive up and down the general area of our hotel looking for the address plaque for the hotel. Finally, we found it, and settled in before the real festivities began... the rehearsal dinner Friday night!


Dianah said...


I am as greatful as you when it comes to long distances, that the Burress men like to drive! I am not a great long distance driver, in that I tend to get sleepy after driving just a couple of hours! Kyle is not that way thank the stars.

ashley@twentysixcats said...

We always fight over who gets to drive. :-) And I always take over when I start getting carsick, because driving usually helps with that. When we were up at the Dunes last month, someone asked Paul if I ever let him drive. I was surprised! He was like, "She just loves her car, and she misses driving since she walks to work now." It's true. I really do miss driving.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I think that this is the same brick stretch that you photographed, but facing the opposite direction. The Ohio Historical Society has a nice brochure about driving the National Road in Ohio, too.

If you're interested in such things, you might want to look at my National Road blog.


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