Challenge week!

Make It From Scratch Week #7 is over at Stop the Ride today! It's Challenge week, which means everything that's in the carnival this week was made from scratch by the blogger for their first time! I made the light box last week- check out all the other creative ideas!


Matt said...

Maybe I should submit my PVC putter that I made a couple years ago. It was mostly Brett's idea, but I still take some credit for making it a reality.

I actually did use this putter at work for a few months and learned to use it as well as a good putter. That probably says more about my putting ability than the craftsmanship, though.

Joanna said...

I hadn't heard the putter story- that's pretty cool! You could totally submit it- the carnival guidelines say that archived posts are OK. And that's definitely a unique make-it-from-scratch project!

I'm bummed I missed out on the putt-putt course at the old office... not that I'm any good at it... sounds like it was a good time.


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