Living into the Questions

Something I wrote this weekend, in response to the message in Sojourn:

You left Job for weeks
with uncertainty and pain
wondering the reason for his losses
When You came, You did not answer his questions
But instead displayed Your majesty
And he worshiped

You left Thomas for eight days
with doubts and fears of the future
after appearing to the rest of the gang
But when You came, You did not answer his questions
But instead just showed up with Your scars
And he responded "My Lord and My God"

You left me for six months
unable to pray because of deep questions,
struggling without answers from anywhere
But when You came, You did not answer my questions
But instead just reminded me You are good
and I was finally at peace
Actually, this isn't exactly what I wrote. What I wrote was something more poetic and beautiful and heartfelt, this is just the gist of what I remember of it. I was really impacted this weekend by the realization that when we have questions and doubts of God, he lets us live in them for a while, and that's OK. When he does show up, at least in the examples I can think of, he doesn't answer our questions outright, but instead reminds us of who He is, and that is enough. He didn't tell Job of the deal with Satan. He didn't explain the science of the resurrection or how he got into the upper room to Thomas. He didn't give me a logical argument to make the questions I had a couple years ago all of a sudden make sense. Each time, he just showed up, and that didn't answer the questions, but it did put them to rest.

God is good.

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