Reminder of flowers

The temperature will be below freezing tonight (and it's cold out right now!), after a nice stretch of warm days. I rode my bike to work yesterday, and today wore my heavy coat, to give you an idea.
Lest we not forget it is actually spring, despite the lows-in-the-low-20's forecast for the next week, I'll share some of the pictures of flowers at the Kellogg Biological Station I captured last weekend at the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing!

These aren't real. The rest are.

And, I promise, there's weren't only flowers- there were geeks there too. Points for whoever can tell me the geek reference in getting assigned Taylor Van #42 for the trip:

BONUS points for anyone who can tell me the artificial intelligence references of the next two pictures. No googling allowed:

I'll admit, the bumper sticker cracked me up, mostly because I think Dr. Diller used the reference in class. I felt like such a nerd. Luckily there wasn't anyone around to see me laughing. Not that there was any shortage of nerds at the conference. I was in good company.

See the rest of the album:


Ashley said...

Oooh pretty purple flowers! I get the Hitchhiker's joke, but not the other two. I'll see if Paul knows. :-)

Matt Wissman said...

Oh! I know! It's from LISP. CAR and CDR are functions that do something with lists, although I can't remember what.

I remember Dr. Diller showing us that in class. I think we were in the same A.I. class...

Joanna said...

We were in the same AI class, and you weren't the first to know car and cdr, but I'll give you credit because you were out of the country when this was posted :) CAR(list) gives the first thing off the list, and CDR(list) gives the rest of the list, besides the first thing.
No one remembered MINIMAX, which is a game theory algorithm (we had a tic-tac-toe project that was supposed to use it)

Enough geekiness for now. My true colors are showing.


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