Spring Break Happenings

Spring break has been somewhat dreary in Indiana. I'm envying my friends who headed to warmer climates. I hope to get outside tomorrow some, warm or not. Luckily, I think it's supposed to be warm.
Spring break's been dreary, but productive, I suppose.
  • All the shirts and ties for the groomsmen & Josh have been purchased. This is only after going to three different Kohls. The beauty of suburbia, where there's taht many shopping areas within 20 minutes of home. Heck, at school, there's not even a Walmart within 20 minutes.

  • Last week, Josh used his mad GIS skills to create maps to the church & reception. Monday, we got those printed off at Kinko's, cut, and assembled an invitation to weigh at the post office. The invitation ended up being exactly one ounce, so we needed just 1 39-cent stamp for the outside envelope. That was happy.

  • I bought the newest Chris Rice CD, Amusing, mostly because I heard "When Did you Fall" on the radio and thought it would be a good wedding song. And because Chris Rice is like my favorite singer ever :)

  • Monday, Josh & I met with our photographer in Westfield and got some details finalized. I like him. After the meeting, Josh & I got to hang out some. We needed the quiet time to talk. It was good.

In the in-between times, I've been applying for jobs & talking to my mom, mostly. I finally got a nap today- a much-needed rest. The plans tomorrow include more shopping and a trip downtown to take pictures of the Final Four Festivities. That should be relaxing. I'll enjoy getting away by myself for a few hours. Hopefully the weather will be prettier. Josh is excited about the prospect of severe storms on Friday. Silly meteorologist.

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Matt Wissman said...

I don't get a spring break this year :(. Oh well, at least I get paid to go to work. Enjoy your (last) spring break!


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