Joanna's a copycat

I'm shamelessly taking this from Ashley.

Ashley posted about a Johari window that your friends can contribute to...
Here's my Johari window just waiting for your input.

My Johari Window Story: I took Interpersonal Relations with Sopeak our freshman year instead of Speech. I had 2 semesters of speech in high school and thought I'd try something different. Well, I quickly wished I hadn't. This Johari window assignment was the worst- I got lots of points marked off because I didn't 'self-disclose' enough or something. Most. Subjective. Class. Ever. And I felt we were being treated like second graders, and that every class consisted of "How do we all feel today?"

On the plus side, I did get to give a speech at the end. I like giving speeches. And I did learn something- what a Johari window is.


Ashley said...

100% of people think you're intelligent. :-)

Ashley said...

I want to know, what's the "Notes from Friends" box you have in your sidebar? That's cool :-)

Joanna said...

Isn't the sidebar box nifty? I started playing with Google Reader and discovered I could 'share' my RSS feed collection. Currently I'm just starring the ones I want to share and having those appear in the box. I thought it was pretty cool.

I was using the Google personal homepage to read all my blogs, but it was getting crowded, so I'm trying Google Reader out. It's OK.


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