My week home

I'm not home all week- only till tomorrow. It's been an up-and-down week.
On the upside, I've gone around with my mom and got some wedding planning ideas for decorations and cakes and such, which has been fun. I've got to spend good family time, celebrating my dad's birthday last night. My semester grades came back, and they were good, with 5 A's and a B+.
On the downside, I was very sad Monday when I found out that Matt won't be able to come to my wedding. The Big Day is still a year away, and two of my best friends won't be there. We could still move the date, but as it is, we're already waiting two weeks after I graduate, and we'll probably have jobs we'll be putting off till after the honeymoon... we'll need to start work as soon as possible, so the later the wedding, the later we can start working. And for both my friends to be able to come, we'd have to move it almost a month, and we already have the date for the church & reception place... I'm sure it will be fine. I'm just sad.

Yesterday, I got some reading done, which was nice. I've been reading from The Complete Fairy Tales of George MacDonald and was specifically reading the story The Wise Woman Or the Lost Princess: A Double Story when a topic near & dear to my heart came up in this fairy tale from 1874: true princesses.
(The wise woman speaking to the princess) "Nobody can be a real princess-- do not imagine you hae yet been anything more than a mock one-- until she is a princess over herself, that is, until, when she finds herself unwilling to do the thing that is right, she makes herself do it. So long as any mood she is in makes her do the thing she she will be sorry for when that mood is over, she is a slave, and no princess. A princess is able to do what is right even should she unhappily be in a mood that would make another unable to do it. For instance, if you ever should be cross and angry, you are not a whit less bound to be just, yes, kind even-- a thing most difficult in such a mood-- though ease itself in a good mood, loving and sweet. Whoever does what she is bound to do, be she the dirtiest little girl in the street, is a princess, worshipful, honorable."

The story was sweet and whimsical, but with profound truths such as this.

In other news, check out Josh's blog with storm chasing excitement. He's halfway through his trip!


FJ said...

Hey! I havent checked your blog in a while! And... given I am soon to be in Africa, then on a honeymoon, I probably wont keep up on it... sorry. No offense.
Hey, about the wedding date, dont do it July 4th weekend. It was great for our family, but bad for everyone else. But really, no matter what happens, or who shows up, the end result will be the same. You will be getting married. Be happy! :)

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