My Muncie Saturday

I've been gleaning internet access from wherever I can for the last few days, it's been kinda fun. I'm at Josh's apartment right now. No one else is here, but I have permission from his roommate to be here. It's exciting. Panera's actually been my favorite hotspot.

I finished this book today. It was very challenging. It brought up issues that really made me think. It showed me areas of who I am that are not as they should be. It made me appreciate more the people who speak truth into my life. I'm glad I read it. I talked to Josh about it some, which was good for me to process.
The book expanded on the ideas put forth in a book called Wild at Heart about the desires of a woman's heart: to be pursued, to share in an adventure, and to have a beauty to unveil. I could relate to all the desires, and most struggle with the last, often not believing I have a beauty to offer. It was a good book for me to read and think about.

Tonight, I went to the newly-renovated MT Cup, which looks very nice, much nicer than before. I had a chai and sat and listened to live music on the patio.

Tomorrow, I'll go to church then perhaps tackle trying to fix my bike with a very flat tire. I'm going to confiscate a movie or two from this apartment, so I'll have something to entertain me.

Kristen gets here Monday! Hooray!

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