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Graduation has come and gone, but unfortuantely not for me. I watched many of my closest friends walk today and officially end their undergraduate careers. I think it most hit me when, after graduation, pictures with friends were being taken by all, and Tree said, We have to get a picture with the group! 'The group' was me, Matt, Ashley and her. I realized I was the only one in the picture not in a cap and gown. That made me sad.

I'm on the phone with Josh now. That makes me happy.

OK, Josh is gone now

Next year's going to be full of waiting. Waiting to be done with school. Waiting to get married. Waiting to start a new job. Waiting to get out and start life. I talked to Melissa about it last night- a year from now, we'll be the ones finishing up and moving and deciding on job offers, as we're watching our friends do now. The last 3 years have gone quickly, so hopefully the next will as well. It better.

Now, referring to my title, I won't have an internet connection at home this summer, so blogs will be less frequent. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post pictures of the summer apartment. Very exciting.

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Ashley said...

I can totally relate... if you go back to my blogs from last may you'll discover that i was in the same place as you - even down to the waiting to get married part. I have those same pictures where i'm the only one not in a cap and gown. thanks so much for staying up until 3:30 talking to me. I loved being with you again. :-)


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